Online Marketing Services In Patna

Online Marketing in Patna
Digital Marketing For Your Business.

Our great efforts to build your business a brand is reflected in our services of Digital Marketing.

website design in Patna
Playing with wordpress
Website Designing.

We helps you to provide your business an online platform where you can reach more customers Globally.

On-Page & off-page seo
Search Engine Optimization.

Our team works on Ranking your website on top of the SERPs by optimizing your website and link building process with Google's latest Algorithms.

PPC in Patna
Google adwords
Pay-Per-Click Services.

Our PPC services can improve your business or website’s visibility online by increasing search engine rankings and improving your brand awareness.

Social media marketing in Patna.
World of social media
Social Media Marketing.

We promote your business in different Social Media channels in both organic & inorganic way to reach the Massive Audiences active online.

Email marketing services in Patna
Bulk email delivery strategy
Email Marketing Services.

We blast bulk emails to the users to promote your business, services or products which results in higher conversion rate and increasing your Brand reach.

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Website Designing

We are serving you to design your own website related to your business so that you can market it globally & locally to reach more customers and build your Brand.

SEO Services

Our SEO team has a track record of improving any website’s organic ranking on search engines by using tactics like On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategy.

PPC Services

Our PPC services can improve your business or website’s visibility online by increasing search engine rankings and improving brand awareness using Google Adwords.

SMM Services

We help you to promote your business and your website digitally across all the social media platforms. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

We are providing Online Marketing Services In Patna.  Best Online Marketing services In Patna

Our Featured Blogs

We are writing blogs to clear your doubt for marketing your business digitally. We are introducing you with the evolving tactics of Digital Marketing, tools which will accelerate your marketing and the fast emerging Technology which boost up this marketing strategy. Also providing you the updates of using Social Media i.e. various tips & tricks related to Digital Marketing.

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20 Do’s and Don’ts in Social Media

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5 Essential Skills A Digital Marketer Must Have.

5 Essential Skills A Digital Marketer Must Have.

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What Is Social Media Marketing or SMM? Why this tactic is used to market the business through social media platform? How it affects the traffic on your website? Which type of social media platform is to be used for marketing? This Question is in everyone’s mind. Here’s the Answer- What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)? If I define Social Media Marketing in just one sentence, it refers to the […]

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Infotech Digital

Firstly, I will introduce myself.

I am Nayan from India and glad to see you on my website and I am a passionate Digital Marketer.

I have been in the digital marketing field since 2019 and I write about the new trend of marketing strategy- Digital Marketing, and its various tactics which should be used to make any business a brand.

There were no any planning to force me to be in this field but after looking around on the marketers strategy of using traditional way and their time consuming activities like advertising their business on newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and so on makes me to change this so called- Old strategy of doing marketing into modern way of marketing i.e. Digital Marketing.

Now I am happy with what I have done to bring myself in this fast emerging tactics of marketing.

 I got my digital marketing training in well-specified institute Digital Vidya under its CDMM program which enhances my growth in this field and brought me here.

Before joining this program, I am totally confused for getting into this field because it seems me too difficult to handle. But I took my step ahead and finally accelerated my growth into this field.

Then finally I started my own website in which I write blogs about digital marketing and its hacks.

About my startup- Infotech DigitalInfotech Digital

My first startup is Infotech Digital in 2019 in which I am providing the services like website designing, promoting it on social media platforms digitally and implementing  various techniques of digital marketing. Like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (which includes paid search) and many more so that to make your business in top of the search results in search engines like Google.

On my website, I also write blogs about the various fast emerging Technologies which enhances the marketing growth of any business and how to use social media, its tips & tricks for doing digital marketing.

Firstly I have started this website as only my blogging moto but after getting response from the visitors forced me to provide this services so as to encourage the visitors or users.

I am now focusing on my website to get more and more visitors by adding more valuable contents which should be informative for the users.

If you want to stay tuned with us, you can subscribe to our blogs and get the updates of trending hacks daily. Or,

Want to reach me?

Email me at: