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What is Digital Marketing? Why this is often the most effective trend to market your Business? What is Career Opportunities in this field? What type of Digital Marketing Services can we use to market any business? Everyone has these queries in their mind and wants to explore what actually digital marketing is. So let’s move towards the primary question-

What is Digital Marketing?

If I define Digital Marketing in short term then it is merely the simplest way to market your Businesses/Brands online. Digital Marketing covers all the marketing efforts of your Business like services, products, qualities etc. through an online medium using all the Digital channels. Such as social media, search engines, emails, and connected websites to link with customers where they spend much of their time. Digital marketing is also referred to as web marketing or internet marketing.Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing has lots of modules like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC, Content marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Campaign marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Social Media Marketing(SMM), E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc. Each module is an ocean in itself and is now becoming more common for marketing digitally.

This new trend of marketing is now gaining popularity among all the marketers and the consumers. It is providing an ease method to reach massive audiences using different strategies.

Why Digital Marketing?Why Digital Marketing

I have researched for over years and the conclusion that I got was that the number of people who are active in online remains increasing day by day. People prefer online medium more as compare to offline to buy everything.

Digital platforms are great for marketing your business because of the presence of such a massive audience. There are more ways to target such audiences to draw in them towards your business. The utilization of Digital marketing in the digital era not only allows for brands to market their products and services but also allows for online customers support through 24/7 services to make clients feel preserved and comfy.

It also allows marketers to get real-time accurate results so that they can work on it more instantly. Let suppose the traditional marketing efforts like putting an Ads of your business in the newspaper. You all know how difficult it is to get an idea of what percentage individuals really get attracted and responded to your Ads. There is not a certain way to know if your Ads worked or not.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing measures all the efforts you have made while marketing your Business. Using this strategy helps to measure the ROI (Return On Investment) on any of the marketing efforts.

The world is going digital and by the year 2020, every corporation, businesses, organizations around the globe including India will have an online presence and making a lot of Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing.

I know the question arising in your mind is: what’s the scope of Digital Marketing? By the time you reach the end of this blog, I’m sure that you’ll be convinced that a career in Digital marketing is the best option that you can make.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now becoming the future of marketing all over in the world. Earlier, businesses did not take Digital marketing seriously. They were not ready to change the traditional marketing system and were stuck to it. But the market forces have made them to choose digital marketing for their businesses. Because traditional marketing is ineffective as compared to digital marketing.

Career in Digital Marketing The economy within the digital sector is growing at a rate of usually 10X more than the traditional economy. This rate of wonderful development and change implies that the interest for experienced, knowledgeable digital marketers is exceeding the present supply. Whenever the demand exceeds the supply, there is a sure proportion of professional stability.

Every day more companies are implementing digital marketing for their business. Because they have understood that there is no optional strategy in marketing anymore apart from digital marketing. This switch of marketing strategy is giving rise to a vast job opportunity in digital marketing.

Digital marketing could be a smart career selection for anyone that wishes to work on the leading edge of this technical revolution.

Here’s a list all the various positions in digital marketing for those looking for a career in this field:

1. Digital Marketing Manager –

The role of the digital marketing manager is to manage all the marketing campaigns that are used to promote the products or services of the company. Their work is to measure and discover the latest digital trends which can be used to perform better marketing campaigns.

Professionals who want to be in this post must have experience of 5+ years in digital marketing. They can even show the project showing their expertness in digital marketing. Companies are now in need to hire such experts. Those who are in this post also have the key responsibility to lead the digital marketing team. If I talk about the salary of a Digital marketing manager, it goes up to 15 to 20 lakhs per annum.

2. Content Marketing Manager –

In this position, you have to work on the strategy of bringing traffic to your website and more engagement, leads, sales towards your business. Also, you have to work on the content which should be worthful for the audiences.

In other words, Content marketing manager leads the content marketing strategy which includes writing blog, emails. Those who are in this post have to report to Digital marketing managers. Professional must possess experience of 3 to 5 years in this field and can easily earn 10 to 15 lakhs per annum on average.

3. SEO Specialist –

Search Engine Optimization specialist’s role is to optimize the website to get in the top of SERPs (Search Search Engine OptimizationEngine Result Pages). This post involves keyword selection, layouts, observing user experience, page indexing, managing duplicate contents and many more so that to gain more organic traffic.

SEO specialist must have a deep knowledge of the user’s behavior on the search engines. Digital Marketers who are in this post needs to be updated all the time. As per my thinking, most of the SEO experts work individually in a team and they have to report to digital marketing managers.

4. Content Writers –

Professionals need to be ready for this job as it includes bringing the needs of your customer in your content. That means researching the trending topics related to your business and producing engaging content. Content writers work under the team managed by Content marketing managers.

5. Conversion Rate Optimizer –

In this post, you have to manage the conversion rate into your business either through the website Digital Marketing Servicesor through social media like converting leads into your customers, driving sales, etc.

Professional on this post work with various people in the digital marketing team as they can help them to create landing pages that result in a conversion.

6. Inbound Marketing Manager –

Those who are in this post, have to manage, create and carry all the digital marketing campaigns like Email marketing, Social marketing, SEO, to drive the customers and collecting leads. They create a strategy of collecting more customers and their responsibilities are similar to content marketers.

7. Search Engine Marketers –

All we know about the term Search engine marketing or PPC ads which is the important module of digital marketing. Their goal is to collect the targeted leads and clicks from the marketing budget that is provided by the company or digital marketing manager.

Their work is also to analyze the ad campaigns, bidding, advertising via google adwords.

8. Social Media Marketing Experts –

Social media marketing experts are now also in demand because the use of social media for marketing is increasing day by day. However, spreading the content in social media can be done by any other professionals.Digital Marketing Services But experts in social media is needed to run the ad campaigns so that to reach the right audiences.

Running ads on Facebook is now difficult because of the update of new features every day. And this can’t be easily done by the experts other than Social media marketing experts.


I hope this blog gave you a brief answer about digital marketing, its career opportunities, and possible jobs not only in India but also in other countries. The difference is only the pay scale that may be a little different.

Now you know much about the digital strategy of marketing and various job opportunities, you can prepare yourself for becoming a Digital Marketer.

Good Luck!

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