What Is Social Media Marketing or SMM? Why this tactic is used to market the business through social media platform? How it affects the traffic on your website? Which type of social media platform is to be used for marketing? This Question is in everyone’s mind. Here’s the Answer-

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

If I define Social Media Marketing in just one sentence, it refers to the process of gaining Traffic or Attention towards your business through Social media sites. Social media is itself a branded platform which provides every social action which can benefit your business.

Social Media Marketing is one of the modules of Digital marketing which is an effective way of doing businesses related to any field which can provide an immense reach of your business to your customers in bulk volume.Social Media Marketing SMM generally includes sharing of the relevant content/post of your business like posting text, images, videos and many other posts which can drive an immense engagement of your audiences.

Social media platform is a great way to get connected with massive audiences which build a relationship with your business and makes it a brand.

Like Search Engine Optimization, SMM has also a key component-SMO which means Social Media Optimization. SMO includes two factors, either you can drive traffic by sharing your blog post, posting on social media like tweets, status or you can add social sharing links to the content of your blog.

Now come to the point, why it is necessary to use social media marketing for marketing your business-

Why we should use SMM?

If I suggest, we all must use this powerful way to make our business a “Brand”. Because if we are not using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin then we are missing a huge opportunity to make our business more and more successful.

There are more than 90% of people who are now active social media users. And targeting them to increase your brand awareness is a far better way.

Social media marketing helps a lot to create our business’s brand awareness, collecting leads and sales, drives traffic to a website and many more.

Also, SMM is not only used for brand awareness of your business but also for getting the feedback of customers (either negative or positive) like their reviews, complaints or any relevant questions, so that you can provide them the more convenient replies, services and make them satisfied.

We all know that whatever be the line of our business is, there is plenty of chance for the presence of our customers on social networks.Social Media Marketing

It is now seen that the maximum number of users not only search on search engines but also find it on different social networks. Because the users love to share your contents directly on social media sites which increases your business’s brand awareness. This is the main reason why you should not ignore this tactic of marketing.

If you’ll notice, that many businesses using digital media fail because of the fact that they are not using Social media sites to market their business which disconnects their connections to target more audiences.

Now using Social media marketing, the phrase- “To gain something, you have to lose something” comes true. You will ask why? Here’s the answer-

Social media is a vast platform and have a massive audiences size and reaching each audience is not possible in organic search. We have to pay for getting such audiences. This will be possible on the social media’s algorithms of advertisements. The more you pay, the more you will get positive results. This is the reason why Social media’s Ad is now at a top place to target more people.

It should be now clear that using social media to grow your business into a brand is an amazing way. Social Media Marketing must be the part of your marketing strategy which can drive your business high.

You are now aware of the term Social Media Marketing, it’s time to have a look towards the popular social media platforms that can be used for marketing. Here it is-

1. Facebook

This social media platform is a beast for marketing socially because of such a massive audience. There are more than 2.4 billion active Facebook users. It is the biggest social media platform as compared to others.

There are more ways to target users using this media. You can target them organically by direct sharing the contents, uploading images, going live, posting youtube videos or simple catchy videos which make the users to get engaged with your business and become your customer.Social Media Marketing

One more Facebook algorithm, which you can use easily for marketing. Yes, you get it right. Facebook Ads, which can enhance your marketing strategy at a very high level.

Using Facebook Ads, you can target the specific audience by analyzing their behavior, interests, demographics, age, gender and multiple connections. Let us take an example-

Suppose you are owning an online E-commerce site selling only the Girls product. And you want to target the woman, age between 22 to 45 years living only in south-India. You can easily create a campaign targeting the selected audience which can bring great results for your business.

Facebook is compatible with all types of business. It has a vast number of marketing options which you can use for marketing efforts.

You should keep in mind that, if you are not using Facebook for your marketing campaign, then start using it. Because it will bring a drastic change in your business.

So be ready for using such a successful marketing media platform.

2. Instagram

I know you are thinking, why Instagram for marketing, Right?

You are aware of the fact or not that the engagement rate on Instagram is the highest from others. Like all, we know that Instagram is always about uploading pictures and short videos.Social Media Marketing

It is easy to share Photos related to your business, motivational and emotional quotes, adding stories and many more. All this post sharing on Instagram can be a peak point for your business.

You can also create a poll and your business prospects, offers there in stories which are also a key for more engagement because users find it as beneficial for them.

One thing you should note that the more number of Hashtags you use in your post’s caption, the more is the chance to get engagement.

Likewise Facebook, you can also create Ad campaigns using Instagram.

The main motive of using Instagram for marketing your business is to get more engagement.

If I say, Instagram is the best platform for those who are dealing with online selling products.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about going professional. People who are in Linkedin has the only motive- business. They are active there to know about the new updates related to their line of business or industry. Like, who are new to the industries and to know about the hiring process.

You can use LinkedIn more fluently if you keep your mind apart from marketing your business. Although, you can use it for increasing your professional connections by joining in different LinkedIn groups.Social Media Marketing

One thing you must note that LinkedIn is the platform for like-minded professionals.

You can gather yourself with the group of professionals and share your opinions or discuss topics which will automatically attract them towards you. And they will surely want to connect with your business.

If you want to share the article on LikedIn, then first keep in mind that this channel is only to increase connection with professionals. Although, you should share such articles, which other finds beneficial for them.

You can also create Ads using LinkedIn. If your Ads on other social media for your B2B (Business to Business) strategy fails then LinkedIn will work for you and can bring a better result.

If you want to collect more leads for your business then you should start marketing your business on LinkedIn.

4. Youtube

Youtube, you all are familiar with this social media channel.  You can also use Youtube for marketing your business in many ways. Youtube channels have changed the way of watching videos limitlessly. This channel is also gaining a large number of active users continuously.Social media marketing

This channel can be used in a multi-purpose way like- If you own a teaching institute then you can use youtube for advertising. You can even share tutorial videos of your institute.

You can also drive more viewers to your Youtube channel by uploading your youtube content to your different social media channels.

Marketers can use Youtube as their marketing strategy depending on their line of business. It can be motivational, funny or tutorial videos.

Nowadays Youtube Ads is also a trending point for marketing. It helps to get in front of your desired customers. While creating Youtube Ads, you have to keep your eye on different parameters affecting Ads.

So get ready to list Youtube for your Social media marketing strategy.

5. Twitter

Twitter is now becoming one of the most popular social media channels for marketing your businesses. It can be used for micro blogging purpose because it allows only 280 characters to be sent as a Tweet. Any type of businesses can be marketed using such an emerging social media platform.

It can be used for the multipurpose strategy of marketing like driving sales and generating leads, increasing brand awareness of your business, product or services reachability to users and interacting with new consumers.Social media marketing

Marketers simply use Twitter for tweeting new ideas, blog post links, and advertising their business. Yes, you get it right. Like all other social media, you can also run Ads using twitter.

One important point which you must note is that, while posting any tweet you should include relevant Hashtags in your tweet. It is because using such Hashtags increases the possibility of gaining more impressions and engagements which brings a good result for your business.

Twitter is also a great source for increasing website traffics. Because when you tweet something about your business and add a link of your website to this tweet it makes users to go through your link. Because they believe that this will help them in getting more information there.

There are more social media platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+ but the above mentioned social media platforms are the best to market your business to connect with more customers and to increase your website’s traffic.


Social media is a better option for your marketing strategy to grow your business online and to increase your website’s traffic.

Now you know how social media channels can accelerate your marketing strategy and which will work best for your business.

You just have to choose the right social media platforms for your business, right targeting audiences and the main thing that should be focussed is content. Because the users will get attracted to your business only then when they find those contents useful and informative for them.

If you are still thinking whether to market the business using SMM strategy or not then you are a step back from your competitors. You will have to prepare your mind that it will work best for your business.

So good luck for the Social media marketing strategy for your business.


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